These initiatives are listed in the Larger Fee category, requiring over $100 for involvement. They have also been chosen due to a high level of importance or impact. 


    RSPCA Australia is an animal care organisation, known worldwide for their campaigns and their work to support programs that will improve the life of animals. They helped collect signatures to ban bullfighting in Catalonia, which proved successful when the lawmakers of the region voted against bullfighting, despite it being commonplace for centuries. Most recently they have been working at discouraging puppy farm being sourced for pet stores and home pets. Experts in animal care circles state that many dogs that end up in their shelters are either indirectly or directly affected by puppy farms and other negligent care during their infant years.

     To fund these programs, the RSPCA oragnises events and fundraising opportunities. One of which is for pet owners. The RSPCA offers pet insurance, which helps secure your pet's best health, and funds the important work they do. Up to 10% of the first year's premium goes to help support the RSPCA's ongoing initiatives, and continues to contribute for the life of the policy.

Prices depend mostly on the age, breed, and lifestyle of your pet, however, all situations are treated differently for you and your pet to get a suitable policy. The insurance does not have any excess, and will pay back up to 80% of vet bills, with some exclusions. Claims are processed fast and stress-free.

For 60-80c per day, your cat or dog can be covered up to $11,000 per year in medical cover, through any Vet in Australia. If you are registering more than one animal, ask about the 10% discount for additional pet policies. Unfortunately, only dogs and cats are covered at this time.