At, we are socially conscious and aim to assist our community wherever possible. We encourage our readers to do the same, however, understand that sometimes we have different resources available. Because of this, We Do was created, a database of activities you can do to support your community, sorted by their commitment level. Have a few dollars to spend? Select Small Fee. Have time to share instead of money? try Volunteer, or Online Activity for brief tasks. Choose how you will be most able to help.

     We also believe activities should be rewarding, so we choose initiatives that have a benefit to both parties, or offer incentives that are useful. These include alternate ways to gain daily requirements, such as insurance, household products, gifts or clothing.

     Special events is a category on its own, that promotes time-limited events, such as McHappy Day, where your purchase on a given day raises a donation.

     Have a birthday or gift-buying event coming up? Try Purchase Product to find something unique and community conscious.