We Say, They Say is an interactive site, where the right viewpoint is either viewpoints. We are a news website, that includes all form of media expression, which considers the stories from a social, psychological, and humanistic position, in current and past segments of life. The aim is to debate, discuss, and involve our readers on the thoughts, feelings, and reasons. Our articles offer alternate ideas, and discover beliefs without judgement, aggression, or hidden agendas. Above all else, our articles include interactive media, and are written to encourage, inspire, challenge and educate our readers in an entertaining way.

     Not only do our articles include opinion from the primary parties, but they also include input from our panel, who are a range of professionals, speaking on behalf of those they work with in the areas discussed. 

     "I want the website to be about humanity -- the real people who make up this world, who make choices, and who live the consequences," says the founder of Wesaytheysay.com. "Our society is about labels and divisions -- can't we blur those lines sometimes?"

     "I aim to encourage public debate and consideration for the normal and "abnormal," and really tap into what makes us as individuals and the society we belong to."

     More information about the editor/founder can be found at their blog.



     While most of the writing is done in-house, we are open to ideas or article submissions. Pieces that include multimedia snippets, interviews, or humour are preferred. Articles condoning hate, abuse or discrimination will be refused. If you have a viewpoint to share, state it with diplomacy.

     Alternatively, if you have a story or experience you believe should be shared with our readers, that might encourage or enrich our audience, we'd love to hear from you. 

     To submit an article or idea, send an email with an outline to editor (at) wesaytheysay.com.



     The Panel are a group of guest speakers, who share their opinions and ideas about news stories. For information on how the Panel works, the criteria of Panel members, or to be considered as a Panel member, please see Panel Information.




     At We Say, They Say, we are all about interaction and acting on the feedback of our readers. If you have a comment or request about the website you'd like to direct to us, please email us on contact (at) wesaytheysay.com.