Written by S. Bowyer


Dog and Cat Xmas



     Every year hundreds of people buy a pet for a christmas present, for this animal to arrive in a shelter. Normally the reason is the recipient is unsuited to the breed and problems occur.

     But what if you want to give a pet for christmas?

     There is a way to buy an animal for christmas and make it a suprise. Buy a beautiful card and inside place $500 (that's what animals cost -- minimum!) and write a note saying this is for the purchase of any animal of their choice. Include a dog or cat sticker inside.



     After Christmas is over, meet with the person to research breeds. If selecting a cat or dog, look for a Select-a-Pet program, where they can enter their preferences and what they can offer a pet: living conditions, ongoing costs, grooming, socialising, exercise, temperament, and size. Once done, you will receive a list of dogs or cat breeds most suited to research further. Places such as dogbreedinfo.com have full profiles on dogs, including information about temperament, potential health problems, and breed characteristics. Ask the person what they like the look of.

     When you've chosen the breed, call breeders or shelters. Shelters and rescue homes often have beautiful dogs -- young and old -- ready to be loved. Or look for a breed-specific rescue home to find the perfect pooch for your recipient. Breeders in your area can offer puppies and older dogs too.



     Rodents, reptiles, birds and crustaceans need care too! Research the species to highlight their problems and needs. Have the recipient of the gift be aware of their health issues, feeding requirements and housing needs. When you've decided which they'd like that suits their lifestyle, they can accompany you to buy one from the pet store.



     Remember, if the person is looking at an animal less than $500, they can always use left-over money for the pet's needs, such as vaccinations, new bedding, toys, or food costs for the first month. 

     The gift of unconditional love in a pet is amazing, but can be tainted if you purchase without thorough research and asking the person first. A 10-20 year commitment can seem like a prison sentence if owner or animal are unhappy. If you choose to give a living gift, do so with the informed decision of its future household.

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