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     Warm Bodies came out a few years ago, but is a movie that reinvents the romance genre. It is a parody of a well-known traditional love story set with new, unusual characters. The male counterpart, R, a brain-eating zombie meets a human, Julie. Know the reference? However, this story then develops into an apocalyptic adventure when their relationship begins to cause change within both dead and living communities.


     The story brings on a new twist to the zombie era, without making them into fluffy bunnies too soon. Instead it creates the idea of multiple motivations among zombie "tribes" and questions the events if a zombie was not as mindless as we thought. The viewer will find themselves drawn in early, as they join the main character, as confused as them. However, the movie isn't made for epic effects, nor are there any stand-out moments that will make you hang off the edge of your seat. It's a modest film that seeks to explore an old story in a new, undead way. 

     What I did enjoy about the film was the humour that's written into R's character. Although a zombie, he seems to have more awareness than others. A gift? He is often contemplating amusing thoughts to himself as he drags himself through the local area. 

     "Why can’t I connect with people? Oh, right, it’s because I’m dead. I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. I mean, we’re all dead. This girl is dead. That guy is dead. That guy in the corner is definitely dead. Jesus these guys look awful.” 

     “What am I doing with my life? I’m so pale. I should get out more. I should eat better. My posture is terrible. I should stand up straighter. People would respect me more if I stood up straighter. What’s wrong with me? I just want to connect.”

     “So much for dreaming. You can’t be whatever you want. All I’ll ever be is a slow, pale, hunched-over, dead-eyed zombie. What did I think was gonna happen? That she’d actually want to stay with me? It’s hopeless. This is what I get for wanting more. I should just be happy with what I had.”

     Julie is likeable, but somewhat generic. She plays more of a support role to R's fantasies, however shows more initiative and interaction later as the battles begin and the changes start. Both of the characters bounce off well together, and make a realistic couple, but I felt R appealed more to audiences. They were not a power couple such as Buffy/Angel, Willow/Tara or even Bella/Edward, but the union is memorable and has chemistry.

     Other viewers gave mixed reviews.

     "Warm Bodies is an ingenious hybrid that, at its best, manages to be funny, lyrical and gruesome." - Geoffrey Macnab, Independent

     "Let's be clear: This is a popcorn flick. The CGI effects are laughable, and it takes a while to adjust to the willfully cheeseball tone, but once it clicks, it's irresistible. In this world, all you need is love. And sometimes a shotgun." - Kelly Clarke, Willamette Week

     "I only watched 30 minutes of this movie and it was enough to think that this is the worst movie ever made. I don't understand how someone like Jonathan Levine made in 2011 on of the best movies I've ever saw (50/50) and two years later he came up with this piece of crap. A film so inconsistent and full of nonsense, really...." -- Jose Zamudio

     "The film does win you over. This is largely in part to its pair of young actors, Hoult and Palmer, who and have a great deal of chemistry and inject a zip and a fizz into all of their scenes." -- Caitlin Hughes, Film School Rejects

     Warm Bodies is available on DVD and many video-on-demand sites.


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