Who are the Panel?

     The Panel is a group of trusted guest speakers who are featured under The Panel link. They are mostly professionals who work in certain areas of society. They come from a range of educational and societal groups as We Say, They Say, is all about the real-life human perspective. We are not against having members who only finished High School if their daily lifestyle puts them in contact with a range of different cultures or social "pockets".


Do they have limitations of what they can say?

   Our Panel members are encouraged to give their feedback and perspectives to articles, but are bound by certain guidelines. These guidelines are:

     - Comments must not be defamatory, aggressive, rude, or judgemental, and better offered without negative bias.

     -  Comments can be written to speak on behalf of a demographic they have a lot of contact with, or may be from personal experiences.

     - When making comments, no real names or third parties must be mentioned, or any other details that might break any confidentiality laws or agreements. For example, "Emma Harrison who lives on the corner of Hasbrock street just broke up with her husband and. . . ." is better stated as "A woman I know recently broke up with her partner and . . . "

      - Comments can be inspiring, offer websites of further reading, or could explain a social or psychological process in professional terms, but "watered down" for the common public without a particular educational degree to understand. 

      - Bad language or racials slurs are not allowed. Although politically correct terms are constantly changing, we prefer to use the "best accepted" terminology at the time the article was written.

How can I apply to be on the Panel? What are the benefits?

     Panel members are picked on a case-by-case basis. We do not have guidelines of a certain education level, but moreso a certain level of interaction with society. We do not look for a specific occupation, as people are people, no matter what your career is. 

     The benefits of being a Panel member is mostly self-fulfillment and "self-promotion". There is no monetary benefit, nor any kind of currency-based payment. What you will get is the opportunity to be seen and the ability to share your perspectives and those of people you know and/or work with. Professionally, your comments might direct colleagues or future clients to you, as they might like something you said on an article, and want your further expertise and assistance in their own life. For example, if you specialise in family law and you made a comment on an article about a family at war, readers in similar situations might contact you for your help. People are often drawn to professionals they feel will understand their issues, before they've even opened their mouths.

How do I interact and get my comments across?

     Panel members, like all visitors, can use the online commenting system, however Panel member additions will include their virtual business card and recognition of their status. If you have a select area you are interested in, you can add your opinions and comments to any previous articles too.

     Comments are directly quoted, word for word, which is why the above guidelines are asked to be followed. The editor will pre-read comments to avoid defamation, aggressive text arguments, or a lynch mob mentality forming. This is a site for sharing ideas, not attempting conversion or fighting.


What are the time commitments?

     The required time is up to the Panel member. We do not have contribution expectations, however, keep in mind, the more you are commenting, the more your name will be seen on the website. If you only want to comment on articles in a certain area, that's fine. If you only comment a few times a months, you are still an active Panel member. You will remain so unless you decide you no longer want to submit. There are no contracts, no contribution limits, or time input expectations. 


How do I apply to become a Panel member?

     To become a Panel member, you can send an email to editor (at) wesaytheysay.com and introduce yourself. Make sure to include:

     - your name and email 
     - why you would like to join the Panel 
     - what your occupation, hobbies and social activities include
     - what subjects you are passionate about and would mostly comment on
     - and show recognition that you read this page, understand the guidelines, and want to join the Panel